07.02 seasons writing assignment flvs spanish

Things went much better. If you want to make this activity truly memorable, have students prepare and share their recipes and enjoy the food together in the classroom.

Spinning wheels and hats filled with snippets of paper are both great ways to randomly delegate seasons and countries. Your students are likely no different! To begin the activity, assign each student a vegetable or fruit, its corresponding Spanish-speaking country and its growing season.

In Spain, wintertime is the best time to plant garlic, a delicious savory seasoning for many Spanish recipes, while summer is ideal for tomatoes that are perfect for gazpacho. They can only speak to each other in Spanish.

To extend the assignment, you can include the months of the year as well. Assess prior knowledge with a few questions about vegetable gardens and fruit trees: You can even get creative with vocabulary building by asking students to describe the weather conditions and the corresponding items of clothing someone might wear at this time of year, or the corresponding activities people might do.

Ask students to brainstorm a list of questions in these small groups that they would like to ask each other after giving introductions.

Ensure interest by asking students to list favorite vegetables and fruits and corresponding recipe, or by asking if anyone has any experience growing their own food.

This short and sweet research activity connecting etymology to Spanish days of the week can work as a great in-class group project or as a single homework assignment.

Be sure to make your expectations clear. If you would like to extend the assignment into a research project or an extra credit activity, incorporate more in-depth requests about geography and map-reading to encourage students to learn more about specific Spanish-speaking regions.

Give these students clear guidelines on the end result you are expecting for a successful experience. Search by title Commission chair, walter ruehlig, called the meeting to order at 7: The activity can be adjusted for different levels of Spanish students by requesting that students dig deeper into the topics and get more complex with their vocabulary and grammar.

If necessary, combine smaller groups and divide up larger ones. Learn about holiday traditions and culture in Spanish-speaking countries.

Assignment Tips: Semester 2

Announce at this point that everyone will be contributing a recipe to a classroom calendar cookbook. Then, ask students to think about food they have enjoyed that contains that vegetable or fruit, and ask students to create a recipe for that food for homework.

Both writing and speaking skills will get a bit of practice this way. This activity takes a closer look at growing seasons, climate and agriculture in Spanish-speaking countries. What to Eat and When?

02 Seasons Writing Assignment

Explore geography and climates with creative calendar activities. And, for language students, personal topics are often the easiest things to talk about. Specify what type of vocabulary and grammar students should incorporate in their presentations. Offer them an informal opportunity to get moving while they practice their numbers in Spanish with each other and line themselves up in numerical order by date of birth.

What are the typical foods grown in each country in the Spanish-speaking world? Students already have personal connections to dates, months and seasons. Search by title 1. Once the written recipe is complete, encourage the students to use their artistic flair and color when rewriting and illustrating their recipes, complete with its country and growing season, so they can be posted on a bulletin board in the classroom or compiled into a lovely book.

For example, the activities below connect calendar vocabulary with geography and number and weather expressions, cultural investigations and more!As a current student on this bumpy collegiate pathway, I stumbled upon Course Hero, where I can find study resources for nearly all my courses, get online help from tutors 24/7, and even share my old projects, papers, and lecture notes with other students%(2).

Jan 17,  · Write a composition or a letter, in Spanish, to a friend where you include the following items. Use the following tips to help you with this assignment. Choose a Spanish-speaking country you would like to visit.

Specify the month you will visit. Describe what the weather is like during each season. Mention at least five articles of clothing that you will need for the ultimedescente.com: Open.

Lessons and Assignments to be Completed Actual Date Due 1 Pretest Spanish in Our Lives Out-of-seat Assignment 14 Collaborative Project Seasons Writing Assignment Let’s Go to Argentina Writing Assignment.

Week 9 Module Seven Pretest Weather Concepts Quiz Weather Concepts Voice Activity Seasons Writing Assignment. This is A public service announcement regarding the severe hurricane coming soon!!!!!

Hola, Soy Adena y estoy en la florida. Hoy en Florida está nublado, relampagueando,y hace mucho viento. Seasons Writing Assignment Write a composition or a letter, in Spanish, to a friend where you include the following items.

Use the following tips to help you with this assignment. 1. Choose a Spanish-speaking country you would like to visit. North Argentina. 2. Specify the month you will visit%(18).

07.02 seasons writing assignment flvs spanish
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