A company history and products development of lg electronics

Lak Hui develops Lak Hui dental cream, the first cream-type toothpaste in Korea Lak Hui begins producing the first plastic daily necessities in Korea With revenues of EUR 1. In particular, production in Austria will remain unchanged for at least five years. Goldstar develops the first room air conditioner in Korea Goldstar develops the first elevator and escalator in Korea Goldstar produces the first radio in Korea Foundation for key industries and development Korea vigorously implemented economic development plans and gradually consolidated the groundwork for its growth, emerging as a developing nation.

LG Corp SuccessStory

The global automotive lighting market is expected to grow from USD Goldstar develops the first electric fan in Korea LG and ZKW will focus on developing intelligent lighting solutions that display high-resolution information and warnings on roads collected from sensors, including autonomous driving cameras and automotive communications ZKW Group will continue to be managed by the current team led by CEO Oliver Schubert, who will be responsible for all operations around the world which includes more than 9, employees.

Goldstar exports radios for the first time in Korea Goldstar introduces private loans for the first time in Korea Goldstar develops the first washing machine in Korea.

Goldstar develops the first black and white TV in Korea Through this deal, LG is reinforcing its position as a leading player in automotive components and intends to expand the range of its automotive lighting business from rear lamps to related lighting products, such as headlights.

Goldstar develops the first telephone in Korea Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp.

LG Corporation

Goldstar develops the first emergency medical dispatching automatic telephone switch in Korea Accordingly, LG gradually expanded its chemical and electronics businesses, which created the foundation for a big business group.

Goldstar develops the first refrigerator in Korea An industry innovator throughout its history, ZKW Group was an early investor in laser headlights. Cosmetics lab founded Yonam Library established The strategic merger is expected to result in synergies that allow the combined companies to lead the global lighting sector in autonomous vehicle components.Birth and establishment of a new era for chemical and electronics industries LG founder In Hwoi,Koo set LG history in motion with the establishment of the Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp., (currently LG Chem) in G Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp.


established. LG Electronics India received the Occupational Health & Safety Management System OHSAS certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI), India, for a systematic team to endorse its products.

LG invested more than USS 8 million on advertising and marketing Mobile software development is also on LG’s agenda. LG Electronics announced its Environment Proclamation in Through this the Company not only minimizes the effect on the environment from all our operations, but also to enhance customer value through the development of greener products.

About LG Electronics, Inc. LG Electronics, Inc. is a global innovator in technology and manufacturing with operations in more than locations around the world. Hazardous Substances Management Business Partner Win-Win Growth CSR in Supply Chain Supply Chain Green Management Conflict Minerals Community Overview LGE & SDGs Our Approach Employee Talent Management Fair Evaluation Corporate Culture / Work-Life Balance Labor Rights Protection Communications Sustainability Reports Stakeholder Consultation.

LG is the number one company in producing electronics, telecom products, chemicals, etc. LG holds some of the subsidiaries like Zenith, LG Display, LG Electronics, LG Chem and these are spread in around 80 countries.

A company history and products development of lg electronics
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