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Characters, individuals, begin to come to the fore - all nameless except a dog, Constant, the dog of tears from Blindness.

Blindness Book Summary and Study Guide

Then everyone he has been in contact with that day also goes blind. A beautiful woman who hates the fact that will always be the first thing people mention when they describe her, the girl with the dark glasses is a part-time prostitute who lost her sight halfway through a session with a client and wound up lost and panicked in an unfamiliar hotel.

Blindness reader reviews Jan from USA A disturbing book to read as the suffering from Blindness progresses into mean, selfish characters.

Many collapse into puddles of jelly. So did every patient waiting in his office. Cut off in their own world, the wards are ruled by the law of the jungle and the man with the Blindness book report becomes a king, extorting money and sex from the other victims through violence and starvation.

I mentioned that once the blindness struck, many people who thought of themselves as heroes and leaders or, hell, as good people find themselves throwing everything they believe in out the window in the scuffle to save themselves.

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Blindness follows a small band of survivors, some of the first to be infected, who struggle to survive as society falls into pieces around them. Fearing an epidemic the Government interns the blind people in an empty mental institution. The struggle to survive creates or amplifies a secondary mental blindness, where few of the characters can envision a future beyond managing their own immediate, physical needs.

Society, or even the illusion of it, grinds to a halt. A bomb is exploded Blindness book report terrorists, of course, as the media reportkilling quite a few people. The ministers jockey horribly for power.

The so-called terrorists in the city, still mild and peaceable, help the refugees carry back upstairs all they tried to take with them - the tea service, the silver platter, the painting, grandpa He writes with wit, with heartbreaking dignity, and with the simplicity of a great artist in full control of his art.

So, what happens to a country when everyone living in it goes blind in the same week? Just as the blindness shows us the ugliest side of human civilization, it sometimes shows us the best in individual people — all sorts of things they had going on inside them that no one knew about.

The Plot, Mostly Spoiler-Free: The woman are raped and degraded horrifically. In fact, she seems to be completely immune to the plague, for reasons that are never explained. Within days, our unnamed city in its unnamed country has a true plague on its hands.

So at last I could read his great book - or his greatest until its sequel. There are some authors who would take a disaster of this kind and turn it into the story of the triumph of humanity: Blindness is a frightening book.

The wife finds food in a supermarket basement and brings it back to the group. People go sick and hungry.of color blindness in the following two articles of this COLOR BLIND ESSENTIALS series.

Much less common possibilities for color blindness are also glaucoma, aging, alcohol misuse, or a hard injury on your head. The Blindness study guide contains a biography of Jose Saramago, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Blindness by Jose Saramago

Learn more Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App/5(). Blindness is his most surprising and disturbing book.

BOOK REPORTS FOR ADULTS: Blindness by José Saramago

It is a fantasy so persuasive as to shock the reader into realizing how fragile and contigent our social conditions always have been and will be.

It is a fantasy so persuasive as to shock the reader into realizing how fragile and contigent our social conditions always have been and will be/5(). Comment Report abuse. Richard. out of 5 stars A metaphor about our capacity for cruelty and compassion.

July 5, Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. When I read a book like Blindness, I'm reminded of those and other events in my own life that have caused me to qualify my beliefs. I still think humanity has a near-limitless /5().

Blindness Book Summary and Study Guide. Jose Saramago Booklist Jose Saramago Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Blindness; Blindness is the tale of a city stricken by a inexplicable "White Blindness".

It starts with a single person and soon everyone who makes contact with him goes blind. Trying to contain the epidemic, city.

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Blindness book report
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