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Goossens analyzes motivational and emotional dimensions in destination choice. It is understandable for tourists with a certain budget to visit a particular place again and again; but they must have several different reasons. The definitions have however been on the basis of either social contract theory or the agency theory Kim, Mclntosh and Goeldner summarize travel motivations as four categories; 1 Physical stimulus: The value of a solid brand stems from its power to create brand choice and brand loyalty.

If the company is well perfect in answering all these questions it can identify its brand image. In-depth interviews is carried as a qualitative method and questionnaire is carried as a quantitative method.

However Aaker Brand image essay brand associations into twelve different sections: Relationships between brand equity and brand extension success can be found. High brand equity is to create a competitive advantage and loyalty Kotler, On those years, several researches were done on impacts of social psychological processes, economic, cultural and political events Brand image essay country image.

The desire for firms to increase their risk management is a great factor lying behind CSR. In addition, brand extension can also become an advisable way to introduce a new product without advertising Hasting, Country Image Categories Country image is divided into two categories in the literature.

Within this variety, each visitor has freedom of choice Crompton, Push factors create willingness for travel and push factors influence destination choice Goossens, Country-of-origin is important to enterprises as to customers.

These differentiations can be concrete and concerned with functional, rational and performance of the brand; at the same time they can be expressed in an abstract way such as emotionally and symbolically.

Interviews and observations are two of the most frequently used primary data collection methods for empirical data.

This image might be personal but it may also occur as a form of thought that is specific to whole nation Nagashima, According to the definition, it can be concluded that up-scale extension refers to a higher quality and higher price point as compared to the parent brand.

Brand associations are very essential for a brand to be different from others and to acquire unique values. Davis when he says "Image and perception help drive value; without an image there is no perception". The Dimensions of Brand Equity Source: This perception set depends on knowledge, experience, attitudes and stimulus.

Keller also explains that brand loyalty is often measured in a behavioral sense through the number of repeat purchases. In their study, a high affective relationship towards the parent brand may reduce the evaluation of brand extensions while high loyalty towards the parent brand is important for reaching a positive evaluation of extensions.

Superb working conditions and relations are capable of helping firms to keep their employees and also to attract new workers Effects of CSR on customer satisfaction Because customers have become more sensitive to firms performance, firms are now forced to function in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way Smith, Meanwhile, a qualitative research emphasizes more on the words the respondents use and leaves more freedom to the answers of the respondents.

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Nowadays brands have several significant roles in enhancing lives of customers and providing financial value to companies Kotler, Therefore, the authors will delimit this study by comparing two companies: Dann Crompton defines nine motivations affecting destination choice: Since brand association involves product attribute or consumer benefits that provide a reason to buy and use the brand, it will result in purchasing the extended brand because of the fit between the brand name and a new product.

Dann emphasizes about push-pull factors when tourists make decisions. In their study, in the context of classical brand equity theory, they determine their dimensions as brand personality and brand loyalty and conceptualize these concepts as country personality and country loyalty.

Tourists make their evaluation and decide on a particular destination. Consumer-based brand equity model is defined as the power of brand including what customer sees, reads, hears, learns, thinks and feelings in time about the brand Aaker, CSR increases sales Having a superb reputation and image will also result into financial benefits to the corporations via increased sales Moir, Tourists evaluate their expectations and experiences and decide whether if they choose the destination again.

Destination Choice In Tourism Tourism destinations are considered as keys for tourism system. The literature being used in this study is secondary data which is cited in course books, published articles and Internet resources.

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Many more scholars have explained and developed the definition of brand equity:Brand awareness and brand image (Keller model) Order Description the literature review should include the following subject ((based on Keller model): brand knowledge brand awareness brand image type of band association favorability of brand association strength of brand association uniqueness of brand association.

The impression in the consumers' mind of a brand's total personality (real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings). Brand image is developed over time through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme, and is authenticated through the consumers' direct also corporate image.

Before going into the brand image of NIKE, there is an importance to know what exactly Brand and Brand image is. Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or combination of all these which identifies the goods or services of one seller or the group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.

This free Marketing essay on Brand image and brand equity is perfect for Marketing students to use as an example. Coca-Cola Brand Image Essay Words | 4 Pages. Coca -Cola: Claims, Values and Polices Coca-Cola is a well-known and cherished brand name.

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When people think of this name, memories tend to overflow in their heads. In order to conduct proper research, it was important for our group to choose a field that the public was involved in.

Our research topic was the sneaker market.

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