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Buck is filled with such a rage that he attacks the band of Indians, killing some and scattering the others. Buck finds out the murderers were a group of Yeehat Indians. However, the men soon turn the team over to a mail carrier who forces the dogs to carry much heavier loads. Buck is defiant and is clubbed Call of the wild summary submission by this cruel man, whose job is to break the dogs, so they can be sold.

When the team arrives again in Skaguay, the dogs expect to rest, but three days later, they are sold to two men and a woman who know nothing about dogs or sledding conditions in the northern wilderness. Life on the ship is not particularly enjoyable, but it is a paradise compared to what awaits Buck when the ship reaches Alaska.

London places Buck in conflict with humans, in conflict with the other dogs, and in conflict with his environment—all of which he must challenge, survive, and conquer. Buck is kidnapped by a gardener on the Miller estate and sold to dog traders, who teach Buck to obey by beating him with a club and, subsequently, ship him north to the Klondike.

Buck comes out of the backwoods once a year on the anniversary of his attack on the Yeehats, at the former campsite where he was last with John Thornton, Hans and Pete, in order to mourn their deaths.

John and his partners look for the lost mine for over a year. In the first part, Buck experiences violence and struggles for survival; in the second part, he proves himself a leader of the pack; the third part brings him to his death symbolically and almost literally ; and in the fourth and final part, he undergoes rebirth.

Halfway through their journey, they begin to run out of food. It is a new kind of life to Buck but not an unpleasant one. The remaining dogs return to Skaguay thinking they are going to be given a long rest, because they have traveled twenty-five hundred miles in five months.

He learns to dig under the snow for a warm place to sleep and to keep the traces clear and thus make pulling easier.

At night, Buck lies by the fire and dreams of his wild ancestors. After some argument, the trio leaves and tries to cross the river, but as Thornton warned, the ice breaks, and the three fall into the river and drown, along with the sled and neglected dogs.

It is after being away from camp for some days, that Buck returns to find everyone, including John, dead. Buck and the other dogs are harnessed to sleds on which the two French Canadians carry mail to prospectors in remote regions. Spitz seems to enjoy watching the other dog tear Curly apart.

Genre[ edit ] Buck proves himself as leader of the pack when he fights Spitz "to the death". In some vague manner, he senses the great cunning of the wolves who have been his ancestors in the wilderness. The sled stops at the cabin of John Thornton, and when the men and the woman are ready to leave, Buck refuses to get up.

With the money won on the wager, Thornton and his partners go on a gold-hunting expedition. Background[ edit ] Miners carry gear up the Chilkoot Pass to reach the Klondike California native Jack London had traveled around the United States as a hoboreturned to California to finish high school he dropped out at age 14and spent a year in college at Berkeleywhen in he went to the Klondike by way of Alaska during the height of the Klondike Gold Rush.

On their journey they meet John Thornton, an experienced outdoorsman, who notices the dogs have been poorly treated and are in a weakened condition. They were successful in staking claims to eight gold mines along the Stewart River. Once Buck chases and kills a great bull moose. Bernard - Scotch Collie dog about which London later wrote: Then a rope is placed around his neck.

In his primitive mind, Buck begins to see a hairy man who hunts with a club.

The Call of the Wild Summary

Buck, overcome with anger and grief, attacks the men and kills many of them. The sled makes record runs, and Buck is soon famous. This causes delays and arguments between the two men, who are brothers-in-law.

Buck attacks the Indians, killing several and scattering the rest, and then heads off into the wild, where he becomes the leader of a pack of wolves. Put in a crate, he is starved and ill-treated.

On another occasion, Thornton makes a brag that Buck can pull a sled with a thousand pounds loaded atop it.Buck, a half St.

Bernard and half Scotch-Shepard dog, enjoys his life of entitlement on Judge Miller's place in Santa Clara Valley, California. This all changes one night, because the assistant gardener, Manuel, sells Buck for one hundred dollars to a man who supplies dogs to gold prospectors in the.

From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes The Call of the Wild Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays. Book Summary Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List It seems to be the best of all possible worlds, for Buck is the most prized animal that the Judge owns.

The Call of the Wild Chapter 1 Summary. BACK; NEXT ; Buck's a dog—and we're not being insulting. He's an actual canine. Even though he has a personality and emotions, we need to still remember that he isn't human. He also seems to be living the good life. He lives on a ranch in California, enjoys sunny weather, and he's loved by his master.

Jack London's The Call of the Wild tells the story of a dog named Buck, who was kidnapped in California and brought north. Buck learns the laws of the Yukon and fights his way to being the lead.

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