Car wash business plan in nigeria

Location — deciding on a particular spot to cite the business is another step that requires careful consideration. It does not require much to set up.

This depends on how much money you have and how automated to you want your business to be, generally you will need the following: There are several other benefits to this 45 page Car Wash Business Plan: A business plan is like an insurance policy — you are insuring yourself against potential failure and increase the chances of success by dealing with many of the unknowns.

To map out the feasibility of your car wash business. You can open this cafe or auto parts store by yourself and then you will have double the revenue.

Call In this Car Wash Business Plan Nigeria, you will get the specifics of your investment and your projected earnings.

2018 Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria PDF + Feasibility Study Sample

Select a place large enough in order to accommodate the pump rooms, the bays, vacuum, drying areas and office. The car detergent and wax used are also locally made, as Unachukwu believes the local soap is as good as the foreign ones.

Also a pumping machine will be needed to pump the water out for use.

2018 Car Wash Business Plan In Nigeria

Expected costs of various items including rental, legal costs, operating costs etc will all be outlined in the disclosure document provided to you by the franchisor.

Share 2 Shares Car Wash business is one business that can easily be setup if detailed feasibility study is carefully carried out. You can advertise yourself by distributing flyers in the area where you intend to operate.

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He decided to evaluate the cost of washing cars around Lagos and discovered it was a lucrative business. Searches related to Car Wash Business Plan car wash business plan pdf car wash business plan philippines car wash business ideas automatic car wash business plan car wash business plan doc car wash marketing plan car wash business proposal letter car wash equipment prices A professional can assist you develop your business plan.

Your PVC tank should always be filled with water, should in case, there is water shortage, then tank water could be used.

Pick a busy section of town like a highway, main road closely etc. Research and think up other extra services lucrative you can add. We live in a fast paced environment and people are always busy trying to do one thing or the other and therefore hardly have time to wash their cars. So Unachukwu returned home full of ideas and recruited some technicians, who put together the contraption of pipes, nozzles, metal arches, pumps and tanks.

So you need to study and research so as to know every thing possible about running a car wash business.

Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria PDF(Feasibility Study & Manual)

Power — you can generate light by getting a small generator which is about ten to fifteen thousand naira. This is a very important decision that will help the business to succeed.

The More visibility it is to vehicles, the more money your business will make. To do a mock-run of your business on paper.

Why you should start your own mobile car wash business today 1. How to Start Money Making Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria Furthermore, a car wash business plan will arm you with necessary skills in human resource management and general business etiquette.

At the end of the month you will have made N, The capital required to start this business depends on the scale and approach you intend to apply. With time, you would have accumulated enough resources to get not only car wash business centre, but car wash equipment and tools such as: This will be used to store water until when needed or if there will not be some available for a certain period.

When it comes to business and investing, knowledge is a critical success factor. You can use this 45 page business plan as an easy to follow guide into a car wash business in Nigeria.Car wash business is a serious business in Nigeria. Read this article to see how to start a small scale car wash business and be making Nk monthly.

Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria PDF(Feasibility Study & Manual) Car Wash Business Plan in Nigeria – In the past, Car wash business used to be seen as “garage/area boys” business. This is because it was restricted to motor parks where vehicles, used for commercial transportation, were washed after their daily operation.

Mar 28,  · car wash business plan – written for the nigerian market – by Philips Emonina The car wash industry in Nigeria is booming -. The mobile car wash business can be started in any country, so whether you are in Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, U.K, etc, you can do this business.

In fact, the potentials of this business multiplies especially in regions with bad roads and dusty climate. Sample Car Wash Business Plan In Nigeria/Requirements for A Modern Car Wash Business Do a feasibility study - it could be a small one, Just go around to watch what others are doing.

Get a business plan - to do your business analysis, financial plan and financial feasibility analysis. Car Wash Business Plan / Proposal PDF in Nigeria THIS BUSINESS PLAN IS REGULARLY UPDATED AND CAN ALSO BE USED FOR BANK LOANS, GRANTS, PROPOSAL FOR COMPETITIONS ETC.

Car wash business plan in Nigeria – So you’ve decided to start a car wash business.

Car wash business plan in nigeria
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