Essay on harmful effects of fast and junk food

The junk food is the food that contains higher calories than the sugar or fat. Type 2 diabetes occurs when you are not able to properly regulate your blood sugar level. Just like in the case of Type 2 Diabetes, with higher levels of insulin, the brain stops responding to this hormone and become resistant to it.

Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are the main sources of fiber, as well as many other essential nutrients.

Soon, you may be caught in a vicious cycle even before you know it. The parents should take care it that the children could not consume much junk food. So, it is less nutritious and harmful for the body system.

Healthy meals and snacks should provide essential nutrients, such as B vitamins; magnesium and iron from fortified, whole-grain cereals and grains; calcium from milk or yogurt; healthy fats from nuts and dietary fiber; and vitamin A and vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Steven Masley on ClinicalAdvisor. This can restrict our ability to think, recall or create memories, thus increasing the risk of dementia. Junk foods have gained so much popularity because of the nice taste and easy to cook.

Kids and children should be trained by their parents to follow healthy eating habits from the childhood. Constipation and other ills Processed foods have no fiber content and that is why people feel constipated when they go on a junk food binge.

It affects the health in all ways of the people of any age group, weight and health condition. When someone is overweight, they tend to be prone to so many other diseases because of their shape and size. Fast foods and processed foods may be laden with artificial flavourings and preservatives like sodium benzoate that tends to increase hyperactivity.

Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Junk foods become very oily and lack of dietary fibers thus they are hard to digest and require more energy to perform the process from body and make a person lack of oxygen level in the body which lead towards improper brain functioning.

You might suffer from heart diseases like cardiac arrest and atherosclerosis. Junk foods are never considered healthy to the health, they have been proved unhealthy in all ways. Also, by consuming too much fast food you may lose out on essential nutrients like amino acid tryptophan, the lack of which can increase feelings of depression.

This means that the body does not get the necessary nutrition it needs and people end up with a weak immune system. Fast food as defined and described above need not necessarily be bad for health. The fast food establishment are typically dependent on business policy of low price and high volume.

Junk foods are considered as high in calories however one who eat end up easily getting exhausted and need more food frequently.

Junk Food and It's Harmful Effects

It increases the risk of kidney failure. But what they look from outside never become from inside. Several research studies have shown that fast foods and processed foods have increased childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes and other chronic diseases.

They become high in calories, high in cholesterol, low in healthy nutrients, high in sodium mineral, high in sugar, starch, unhealthy fat, lack of protein and lack of dietary fibers.

People also eat such food while travelling in vehicles or even walking. It might affect your health if consumed on the regular basis. Fast food is packed with refined carbohydrates which cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate rapidly.

Junk food is a kind of addictive; you get hooked on to it and continue eating it in an uncontrolled way despite the fact that it not healthy. Junk Food Essay 2 words Generally, junk foods look so attractive and yummy for the people of every age group. We must substitute junk food with healthier food like fruits and vegetables.

The Heart Problems Your body needs some fat for health, but junk food provides primarily fats that harm your health. But since the total combined quantity of food eaten by all the people of a community is much less than that in full service restaurants, the potential of full service restaurants to create health problems is also less.

No junk foods are beneficial and provide no nutritional value. According to the research, it is found that puberty is the most sensitive age during which one should practice healthy eating habits because during this age there are many changes occur in the body to prepare one to enter to the adult age group.

Because of lack of dietary fibers they cause strain to the stomach and other digestive organs and result in constipation. This can inculcate an impatient behaviour while dealing with other things. Also frequently the food outlet forms a self service format as compared to table service in regular full service restaurants.

Negative Effects Of Junk Food Health Essay Essay Sample

The consumption of junk food all over the world is increasing day by day which is not good for the future. Junk food is all good tasting, except the fact that it is not nutritionally balanced.

This eating pattern is likely to cause aggravated energy levels that fail to come down even at sleep time in the night and result in sleeping disorders.Get an answer for 'I am writing an essay on the effects of fast food on the human body.

I am having trouble putting all the facts into paragraphs. All the things eating fast food. Effect of Junk Food Essay,Article on Effect of Junk Food,Speech on Effect of Junk Food,Paragraph on Effect of Junk Food,Short Essay on Effect of Junk Food harmful effects of junk food essay; speech on junk food; article on junk food and its effects One Reply to “Effect of Junk Food Essay, Article, Speech, Notes” sd ad.

Fast food, like drugs, can lead to addiction, thus, a person addicted to fast food will have to endure the consequences. The more we eat fast food, the more we will get addicted.

We will choose to eat only fast food and nothing else. Children at a young age, when given fast food, may get used to eating fast food. In the following article, i have listed few harmful effects of junk food. In the age of fast food, obesity is the most common problem.

Junk Food Essay

Junk foods are loaded with lots of fat, sugar, calories, salt and carbs and therefore not all healthy. Fast foods and junk foods are high in fat, sodium and sugar, which can lead to obesity and a range of attendant health problems, including diabetes, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis etc.

5 Harmful Effects of Junk Food

Junk food doesn't contain the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. As a result, you may feel chronically fatigued and lack the energy you need to.

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Junk Food Effects: Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Junk Food or minerals. Common junk foods include salted snack foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried fast food, and carbonated beverages.

Effect of Junk Food Essay , Article , Speech , Notes

People are always being warned against the ill effects of fast food Words; 2 Pages; Food .

Essay on harmful effects of fast and junk food
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