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The patients in the hospitals also have to suffer as all the hospitals do not have generators or ups, so it is clear that everybody living in Karachi has to undergo great difficulties.

This republic day is been paraded by armed forces. It is a master piece of Arabic language and literature.

Urdu Essay on Pakistan Day 23 March

Load shedding is the basic problem which gives rise to many other problems. Full and thorough parades gave a feeling of free and independent Islamic Republic State. Perhaps the most serious of these is what we may call energy crisis there have been an acute shortage of electricity in our city during the last ten years.

Pakistan Day

Special prayers were offered in all mosques. These celebrations with regard to this resolution day are always held early in the morning and President of Pakistan is mainly responsible to carry on these proceedings on this Pakistan day.

Usually on this day armed forces conducts different types of parades to entertain the nation. Similarly in Karachi, the day was celebrated with great honor and dignity. It is most often read and memorized and the most influential book in the world from literary point of view.

If you have any question in your mind regarding to this Pakistan Day than you can ask from us by commenting below on this site. It is essentially a code of human conduct. It is an important day in the history of Pakistan. On this day main celebration held in major cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore Karachi etc.

Its importance is recognizes even by the non-Muslims. This day has very importance in the history of Pakistan and Pakistani nation celebrates this day with great devotion every year.

Holy Quran is the book which gives me guidance about both the worlds. On this particular and subjected day, the veryfirst constitution of Pakistan was been adopted and Pakistan nation was transferred and transformed into Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In short Holy Quran is not only for an individual or a nation but also for the whole universe.

23 rd March Pakistan day

President of Pakistan and chief minister of Pakistan usually attend this ceremony along with chief guests and cabinet ministers. Promises in the reduction in the duration of load shedding are never fulfilled so the problem remains as it was years ago.

Pakistan Day Celebration

It prompts man to be practical in his daily life. Newspapers published special supplements featuring articles highlighting the importance of the day. It has been noticed and observed with great attention that this 23 March Pakistan day is a common celebration in the entire country.

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In fact the whole country has fallen a victim into this menace. As we all know that on 23rd March Pakistan Resolution came into view. The day dawned with 31 gun salute in federal capital Islamabad and 21 gun salutes in provincial capitals.

Generally we have to pass six to twelve hours without electricity every day.

Please have a look on below paragraphs for further elaboration about this day.Pakistan Day (Urdu: یوم پاکستان ‬ ‎, lit. Yaum-e-Pakistan) or Pakistan Resolution Day, also Republic Day, is a national holiday in Pakistan commemorating the Lahore Resolution passed on 23 March and the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan during the transition of the Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 23 March.

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Home Essays Pakistan Day. Pakistan Day. Topics: Pakistan Pakistan dayIndependence Day (Urdu: یوم آزادی; Yaum-e Āzādī), observed annually on August 14, is a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British.

The Muslims of India demanded a separate homeland for themselves through a resolution called Pakistan resolution or Lahore resolution, This year also we celebrated Pakistan day with traditional zeal and fervor and renewed a pledge to make the country strong, progressive and prosperous Islamic welfare state.

Pakistan dayIndependence Day (Urdu: یوم آزادی; Yaum-e Āzādī), observed annually on August 14, is a national holiday in Pakistan, commemorating the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared a sovereign nation, following the end of the British Raj in The day begins with special prayers for integrity, solidarity, and development of Pakistan in mosques and religious places across the country.

26] The official festivities take place in Islamabad and commence with the raising of the national flag on the Parliament House and the Presidency followed by a gun salute in the capital[28] and a

Essays on pakistan day
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