Maladaptive behavior essays for teachers

This type of behaviour, however, actually creates stress and anxietywhich lowers self-confidence.

You could talk to a professional; there are many different types of therapy, from psychodynamic therapy talking about your current situation to cognitive behavioural therapy focusing on how your thoughts and behaviour interact.

This could range from a psychotherapist to help you understand the importance you attach to body image, to a nutritionist to help you create strategies around your attention for feelings of hunger.

Whereas anger is a normal human emotion that is experienced from time to time, anger directed in certain ways — for example, via long-term frustration — can be extremely harmful to individuals and those around them.

Maladaptive Behavior Examples

With psychoanalytic therapy, behaviours are diagnosed and analysed. If you are comfortable talking to your GP, this would be a good place to start looking for treatment; you can discuss any problems and receive specific advice for the most appropriate treatment.

A common manifestation of avoidance coping is panic disorder, which can itself lead to agoraphobia, a condition in which sufferers become anxious in unfamiliar environments.

There are several treatment options for sufferers of avoidance coping. When the level of severity of one or more of these behaviours becomes enough to form a diagnosis, it is considered to have become an eating disorder. It involves both seeking situations in which there are less stressors, and avoiding situations in which there more.

Substance misuse has been found in some cases to correlate with anti-social behaviour, criminal behaviour and changes in personality. Disordered Eating Disordered eating should be differentiated from an eating disorder. Addiction, death, injury, violence, accidents, homicide and suicide all have links to varying degrees to the misuse of substances.

In this condition, someone moves from a state of willing engagement with a substance to a compulsive state, in search of rewarding stimuli. Possible Benefits of Maladaptive Behaviours In general, maladaptive behaviours are undesirable.

But, there is help available. In these circumstances, it could be beneficial to engage in exercise or a relaxation technique in order to alleviate anxiety.

Maladaptive Behavior

More generally, it can be thought of as the taking of any substance including alcohol in such a way that it leads to harm. By far, the most common form of self-harm is skin-cutting, but people can also overdose, burn themselves, cause themselves physical trauma, scratch themselves, pull their hair, interfere with healing wounds, and so on.

Those with maladaptive behaviours can cause significant harm to themselves and those around them.

It can function as a coping mechanism to provide temporary relief from that turmoil, which could stem from depressionanxiety, stress or low self-esteem.

It can be spontaneous or planned, and it can be a regular occurrence or a one-off event.Discussion and elaboration of the main theories and techniques of psychotherapy, the application of these techniques to the change of behavior, and the analysis of clinical cases for therapy planning.

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Lesson 9 Decreasing Maladaptive Behaviors. Individual Differences among caregivers/parents/teachers- All those working with the child have their own learning history and “perspectives” on how children should behave or how children should learn.

Individual adults are “bothered” more or less by the child’s behavior and this affects. It is known that maladaptive behavior is because of a dysfunction in the body and the way it functions (Sarason, ). Maladaptive behavior is a joint product of three major components; in the body or a hormonal deficiency, in physiological functioning or a tendency towards shyness, and in a social environment (Sarason, ).

without the maladaptive behavior. We must gain an understanding of what is causing the behavior to occur and figure out the best strategy to handle it. When a child keeps repeating a maladaptive behavior, that behavior must be serving some sort of purpose or function for the child – otherwise he/she would not keep.

Maladaptive Behavior Examples Before we dive straight in to the maladaptive behaviour examples, here's a quick overview of the maladaptive behaviours we're going to cover in this article: Avoidance Coping.

Maladaptive behavior essays for teachers
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