Metaphor and translation

Semantics, Culture and Cognition. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers.

Metaphors for Translation

In this regard, Chitoran Tunnel of Books in the Prague Municipal Library. Nida designates two kinds of translation: The third contains metaphors of different mapping conditions, and which lack equivalents in the TL. Authors of NLT chose one of possible meaning of the metaphor and gave appropriate explanation for it.

Lakoff and Johnson define metaphor as a means to understand one domain of experience the target domain in terms of another, a familiar one source domain. The second way shows that metaphor can and must be eliminate in translation in any convenient case.

Metaphor in translation

Fermeerwhich claims that the action is formed by its aim. The history repeats itself 4. When metaphors are abolished, semantic power of original text is weaken. Therefore, the translator has no choice other than replacing the SL image with a TL image that does not clash with the target culture.

But hidden meanings of the metaphor remain without any attention and readers have no chance to get to know about it. The Philosophy of Rhetoric, New York: Actions more rhetorical- than sayings 6.

These metaphors are not only complex but have double meanings. Metaphor and the Expression of Emotion: Taken by Carlo Alberto Cazzuffi. Traditional linguistic considers metaphor as figure of speech at all.

Translating Figures of Speech: Metaphors and Similes

The question of metaphor keeping in translation is linked with theoretical decisions about role of form of original text. Cultural Conceptualization of Metaphor One of the oldest definitions of culture, which is used by the Encyclopedia Britannicavol.

Because translators suffer twice when approaching some metaphors which are cultur-bound and due to their figurative meaning intralingualy, it is recommended that translators be trained in coping with metaphor translation not only in foreign-language programs, but also in their native language.

The aim of the first part of the paper is examining of theoretical approaches to the metaphor. Metaphors give language a colour and bounce it otherwise would not have — it grants everyday language some poetry.

Gaga Symphony Orchestra in Italy. Newmark discusses a number of functions of metaphor: According to the hypothesis, the reason for this delay, difficulty and uncertainty in the translation of different domain metaphors is the search for another conceptual mapping i.

International Journal of Islamic and Arabic Studies, 6 2 It will also appear in paper form in Sept.

The result of the second action, however, is open to many possibilities, of which rendering the SL metaphor into a TL one is the least likely.In the paper author considers theoretical and practical aspects of translating metaphor with reference to evangelical concept “THE EYE IS THE LAMP OF THE BODY”.

The aim of the first part of the paper is examining of theoretical approaches to the metaphor. The second part of the paper deals with the question about conditions of metaphor’s keeping in translation.

Metaphor Translation On Other Language: English to English translation of Metaphor.


A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two.

While a simile compares two items, a metaphor directly equates them, and does. 1 Translation studies and metaphor studies: Possible paths of interaction between two well-established disciplines Mark Shuttleworth School of European Languages, Culture and Society, University College London.

Metaphor and translation: some implications of a cognitive approach this paper discusses some implications of a cognitive approach to metaphors for translation theory and practice. Illustrations from authentic source and target texts (English and German, political discourse) show how translators handled metaphorical expressions, and what.

A Cognitive Approach to Translating Metaphors * by Ali R. Al-Hasnawi, Ph.D. Ibri College, Sultanate of Oman: Abstract Translation of 'metaphor' has been treated as part of the more general problem of 'untranslatability.'.

In anticipation of International Translation Day, some of our favorite translators and writers share metaphors for the complex and enigmatic art of translation, from conducting to painting to squeezing a jellyfish.

“Most of the time I feel like a conduit There’s an input (for example, an.

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Metaphor and translation
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