Operations strategy at 7 days inn

Referring to Amit and Zott ,please discuss how an enterprise constantly makes business model innovation ,how to turned business innovation into enterprise values and how to derive, sustain and enforce the capability of innovation.

7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy Case Solution & Answer

What do you think Lin Yuezhou should do to solve the resignation problems Most of the managers will treat it as their own business and try their best to run the hotel.

The supervisor of company should make some change to deal with these problems. Secondary, it helps to occupy and maximize the market share. Lin should find the main reason of their resignation and do the relatively disposal.

We will write a custom essay sample on Michael Porter: Lease is a more flexible way to run the business, and it will use less cash flow and get more net income. In the way, the talent managers can show their ability, and benefit company at the same time.

As 7 Days Inn come into the thousands hotels era, do you believe that the bonus of shepherd management has been used up? The traditional situation in hotel industry is that, the more you pay, the higher quality you get.

Please analyze the psychological impact of shepherd management of on the hotel managers. I agree that the bonus of shepherd management has been used up when 7 Days Inn come into the thousands hotels.

Sometime, they need an innovation of their business model. Please analyze the network economic effect of chain, and the characteristics and appropriate conditions of leased and operated hotel ,managed hotel and traditional franchised hotel.

But when the branch hotel number become bigger, the shepherd management strategy will do harm to the management team for it increase the difficulty of control.

Days Inn Strategic Plan Calls for Stricter Quality Standards

In the 7 days inn case, the supervisor will focus on the encouragement, so the shepherd management strategy born. It is a better way comparing with the traditional franchised hotel. The network economic effect of chain benefit 7 Days from 3 angles.

To turn business innovation into enterprise value, the supervisor should take all the changing situation into account. Then, please identify the possible reasons why such a number of hotel managers resign. To solve the problem of management inefficiency, I suggest 7 days inn to setup an command sub-system in their internal system.

7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy Case Solution & Analysis

What do you think of shepherd management? But actually, most of the businessman just needs a comfortable bed and a hot water in bath. The shepherd management benefit 7 days in the relatively small scale. How to solve the problem of management inefficiency? Where should the operations strategy of 7 Days Inn head?

Firstly, it reduce the cost of purchase and management. The vertical cutting approaches make this available and the price is lower than the traditional hotel.

Michael Porter: Operations Strategy At 7 Days Inn

Last, it is a good approach to promote the 7 Days brand by open more and more branch hotels. In this way, you will find one or two key factors for you to improve and abandon the others. Mr Lin should put more focus on this problem because it is a drain of talent person.

But the franchising with management approach is a more flexible way for their expend. As the company become bigger, some problems are inevasible.7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy case analysis, 7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy case study solution, 7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy xls file, 7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy excel file, Subjects Covered Entrepreneurship Operations management by Gang Chen, Liang Xu Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 15 pages.

Publication Dat. 7 Days Inn is the best example of the good operations management. They give importance to their every operation leaving no single weak point behind.

This shows us that if every operation is managed through proper planning and with complete concentration then gradually you will attain success. The United States filed this suit against Days Inns of America, Inc. (“DIA”), and its parent company, HFS Incorporated (“HFS”), and the owners, architect, and builder of a newly constructed Days Inn hotel in Wall, South Dakota, alleging that those entities violated title III of.

Case 7 – 7 Days Inn Operations Strategy The following questions are meant to inform your thought process while tailoring your white presentation. In addition to the format / structure given, please consider these questions or statements to prepare your case.

7 Days Inn: Operations Strategy HBS Case Analysis

7 Days Inn, a top hotel group in China, was created in and was recorded in on the New York Stock Exchange. It has more than 30 million customers in its registered membership club and manages more than 1, resorts in important Chinese cities.

Days Inn Case Analysis Questions 1. Based on Michel Porter’s views on operations strategy, please analyze how 7 Days Inn obtains competitive advantages by determining the portfolio of services through the vertical cutting approach.

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Operations strategy at 7 days inn
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