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In this experience underlies my passion for a topic that sadly for many is better to be avoided. The unprecedented surge of Successful candidates are awarded honors or high honors in their field, and this designation appears in the Commencement program and on their diplomas.

Honors Theses

Both forms are only submitted the first semester the student applies for the honors program. The committee will administer the oral examination, after which it will also decide whether the student will receive honors, or high honors.

What, if any, services or incentives might increase the likelihood of these employers hiring former offenders? Martorano, Robert The abundance of text data being produced in the modern age makes it increasingly important to intuitively group, categorize, or classify text data by theme for efficient retrieval and search.

An oral exam on the honors thesis in the last semester of the senior year.

Department of Political Science

Explore the Undergraduate Program. Submit one for each course you need to register for. Students will enroll in Senior Honors Research andduring the semester s when they work on the honors thesis. Khatami, Sara How does a criminal record affect the hiring decisions of Durham-based employers?

Yet, the high dimensionalitty They should also have a minimum GPA of 3. Silva-Benitez, Maria Soledad As the daughter of a migrant, I no doubt know what it means to leave my home country behind. Finally, students who wish to be considered for nomination to the Honors Program must schedule a meeting via email with the director of undergraduate studies where admission to the Honors Program and the requirements of the program will be discussed and the appropriate forms obtained here or in the Political Science main office will be routed for signatures.

Sinsheimer, Max In the nineteenth century the French scientist Louis Pasteur proved that the proliferation of certain microorganisms in a host body causes most diseases. Students must have exhibited to the department additional evidence of an ability to do independent work.

In addition to requirements set by the College of Arts and Science, the following requirements must be met in order for honors in political science to be awarded: Students should petition a faculty adviser and two other faculty members to serve on their committee.

Completion of an honors thesis, under the direction of a faculty adviser.

Roughly individuals retturn Zhong, Stephanie Early marriage before the age of 18 is prevalent among adolescent girls in Bangladesh, but the timing of marriage is not uniform across daughters within a household, with some sisters marrying earlier than others. Majzoub, Yousef The purpose of this paper is to address the following policy question posed by the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon:Course is open to junior political science majors who intend to write an honors thesis during their senior year.

Purpose of course is to develop a thesis project, and to prepare students to conduct independent research under the direction of a faculty advisor.

Christie Lawrence was awarded best honored thesis of the class. Lawrence, who minored in Turkish and political science, wrote about "U.S.-Turkish Relations: Re-Situating the 'Kurdish Question'." She conducted interviews in Turkey and the United States to help craft policy recommendations on the issue.

Isaac Mizrahi Political Science Honors Thesis “The Complexity of Self-Ownership in Libertarian Ideology: The Corporate Self” April 10, ! 2!

INTRODUCTION During the past fifty years in the United States, party affiliation has been an. Theses and Dissertations. Browse by. Undergraduate Honors Theses and Student papers. Theses and papers by Duke undergraduates. Recent Submissions.

Electrical and Computer Engineering () The Sanford School of Public Policy () Political Science () Chemistry () Biology (). The Duke University Archives accepts departmentally-approved honors papers (also called senior honors theses) for permanent storage and makes these honors papers available to scholars throughout the world.

Honors Theses If the title of an honor's thesis project is related to an area of research you're interested in, explore the related faculty page to see if the faculty member could be a good fit for your project.

Political science honors thesis duke
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