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The red colour of the lanterns symbolises power because if the Master chooses to be with a wife for the night the lanterns of that wife will be lit. What ideas are conveyed in the film Raise the Red Lantern?

The wives make enemies of one another, unable to understand that Raise the red lantern essay example are all victims together. One obvious theme in this film as well as several others directed by Zhang Yimou is subjugation of women.

This film cries out loudly against the subjugation of women and, more broadly, the subjugation of individuality by age-old repression traditions maintained by patriarchy. It is interesting, I think, that each of the three older wives, in this story, reserve their strongest jealousy and hatred for the wife most immediately below them, she being the one that first posed the threat of displacement from an earlier position of preeminence.

This demonstrates her feelings and mood and shows that she feels isolated and sorrowful during this scene. Raise the Red Lantern is a movie directed by Zhang Yimou. Beauty and sexual appeal are secondary attributes in a battle of wits that demands guile and duplicity.

Human life is full of examples of co-victims being turned against one another. Much of the film deals with the ever-shifting balance of power between the various concubines.

The second evidence of the tradition of the household is the practice of lighting the lanterns. When 3rd wife has a foot massage the sound of the tool radiates throughout the house Songlian is shown sitting with her feet on a chair imagining that she was the one who was getting a foot massage.

The concubines want the lanterns of their quarter to be lit because it is stated in the movie that whoever can get the Master they can earn power and respect. The bright lanterns contrast with the dull colour of the buildings and it stands out from the grey walls.

Tell us what you need to have done now! Gender Raise the Red Lantern Question: We see amply illustrated, here, the hazards of polygamy. This scene was taken using a close up of her face and the tears when she said those words. With tremendous force and at the same time delicacy, Zhang delineates the power battles between Songlian and the Master, the schemes and counter machinations the Fourth Mistress embarks upon with the other wives and her attempts to dominate her maid Yang — a girl every bit as proud and headstrong as herself.

It shows the lives of the rich noble class in the s and portrays the lives of the concubines in a Chinese household. The rules are set by the past generations and by following these rules the tradition of a household can be withheld.

The purpose of her existence in a wealthy household is to serve the Master. This movie presents the fact that women is considered inferior to men in China and are treated as servants. The rules and regulations were greatly amplified when 3rd sister was hanged for having an affair with Dr.

Their lives are controlled by the Master and they have to do what the Master orders them to do. All these points portray the life of being a concubine and the danger it holds. This represents the importance of rules and regulations in a wealthy household because if someone defies these rules deadly punishments will happen.

The traditions, rule and custom of China is includes gender inequality and the rules in the household. What some will find most disturbing about Raise the Red Lantern is the ease with which the victimized individuals have been manipulated into active participation in their own subjugation.

The plot of this movie is that an educated young woman named Songlian marries a wealthy man as a concubine and the experiences she is having in this household. Songlian was obviously shaken after she went in the room and saw the shoes of women.

It begins when Songlian chooses to trade her matrimonial freedom based on a short-term need to gain independence from her stepmother. The beauty of the lush apartments of the wives of the Chen household remind us that subjugation is not limited, by any means, to squalid environments.

We cannot hear anything except for the sound of her voice and her mother did not reply when Songlian said this speech. It continues when she unwittingly buys into the game of duplicity and intrigue, allowing jealousies and anger to fester. No one was around her when she said it and her mother is not shown in the film.

When she asks 2nd sister about it she is told that a lot of women died in that room. Although the specific variety of subjugation presented in Raise the Red Lantern may be largely an issue of the past, subjugation continues today in many other ways and in many places.The colour in ‘Raise the Red Lantern’ is usually monotonous, except for the red lanterns that contrast to show where love is or will be made.

Raise the Red Lantern

This is similar to ‘Demolition Man’ (without the lanterns), when Spartan and his partner, Lenina Huxley decide to make love. Power struggles are nearly a necessity in all movies. The silk, the red lanterns, the fancy dinners, handmaids, and the beautiful music are all part of the life that they enjoy but, despite all of this, what is created for these women is not a palace but a prison.

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Essay about Confucianism and Raise the Red Words | 6 Pages. allowed the family to flourish as a group. In the movie Raise the Red Lantern, many types of customs and rituals were shown. For example, according to the master's tradition, lanterns are lit outside the house of which the master chooses to join for the night.

Compare ‘Raise the Red Lantern’ with the action-type movie of Hollywood Essay

Raise the Red Lantern offers a view of life within a closed, dictatorial social community. Much of the film deals with the ever-shifting balance of power between the various concubines.

Beauty and sexual appeal are secondary attributes in a battle of wits that demands guile and duplicity. Yi-Mou Zhang’s Raise the Red Lantern, is a beautiful and brilliantly made film in its own right.

If, however, the team of Orson Welles and Greg Toland had produced the same film it would take on an entirely different look and feel.

Raise the red lantern essay example
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