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Inthe Army was planning to start buying Comanches in Those who see Comanche The comanche helicopter program essay something other than good may conclude the moral to the story goes something like this: This super-stealthy light attack helicopter, bristling with advanced sensors and communication gear, was going to perform loads of armed reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

Richard Cody said no details are available except that an Army study determined a need for new armed scout helicopters. What might we learn from Comanche? Interestingly, the interview in July was not the first time Mr.

The Global Hawk unmanned long-range reconnaissance aircraft also saw its wartime debut over Afghanistan. Of course, the Soviets never got a chance to see Comanche coming because the USSR collapsed right around the time the contract was awarded. Dan Ward is an active duty acquisitions officer in the U.

They might even accuse the Army of setting the bar inappropriately low and argue that taxpayers and warfighters alike deserve higher aspirations when it comes to multi-decade, multi-billion-dollar programs.

Loren Thompson, who follows aviation and other defense issues for the Lexington Institute think tank said he believes the Army under new chief of staff Gen. You read that right. It was both smaller and lighter than the AH Apache attack helicopter that it had been intended to accompany.

But a funny thing happened with Comanche, making it worth a look. In a nutshell, it went something like this: Duringproduction on the third RAH, which was intended to be the first EMD-conformant helicopter, was started. They spent 22 years doing the opposite. This is done by changing the pitch angle of the rotor blades, which differs between each blade individually and by a different amount.

Work continued for a couple more years, and the end came in If that was the purpose of the Comanche program, it may not have been such a failure after all. However, increasing the lift also causes more drag to appear in the blades. In addition, wartime experiences, such as from the Kosovo Warhad led to some senior figures within the Army to place a greater emphasis on the use of unmanned platforms for conducting many of the same roles for which the Comanche was being developed to perform.

A helicopter however is a far more complex machine than an aeroplane although the fundamental principles of flight are the same.

The Comanche was intended to be an advanced armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter. Blow to industry Congressional lawmakers and company executives associated with the Comanche program were scrambling Monday to figure out what will happen next. As already stated, tech transfer apparently happened and the resulting helo contributed to a very important mission.

The Army wanted to buy 1, of them, replacing older helos and bringing Army aviation into the 21st century. Looks like Comanche was less awesome and more bogus than predicted.

Boeing–Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche

Subscribe Popular Among Subscribers. The unavoidable fact is this: The Comanche program was started in and had survived many reviews.

But perhaps there is another layer to this puzzle.The RAH Comanche Scout/Attack (SCAT) helicopter represents an unusual case study for those addressing the question of program termination in public policy.

Comanche Helicopters Axed

May 25,  · The Army’s RAH Comanche helicopter was going to be totally awesome, dude. This super-stealthy light attack helicopter, bristling with advanced sensors and communication gear, was going to perform loads of armed reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

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The Boeing–Sikorsky RAH Comanche was a stealth armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter designed for the United States Army. Following decades of development, duringthe RAH program was canceled prior to mass production commencing, by which point nearly US$ 7 billion had been already spent on the program.

The RAH Comanche would have been awesome—a veritable 21st Century Air ultimedescente.comed for armed reconnaissance and assault operations, the Comanche could have done the work of both the lighter.

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The Comanche Helicopter Plan Essay

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The comanche helicopter program essay
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