The marketing strategy of etisalat

Although The marketing strategy of etisalat price of the services is high, the total market capitalization of the company is AED 88 billion.

End-to-end digitisation will both complement and enable these focus areas, which will centre on key technologies, such as Big Data, artificial intelligence and robotics.

This all-encompassing digital transformation provides the telecoms industry with significant growth opportunities.

Etisalat has one sole motive is to gain the trust and loyalty of all the stakeholders associated by campaigning the brand so well in offline media as well as on online media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Etisalat is an Emirates Telecommunications Corporation founded in the yearwhich is commonly known as Etisalat. If we compare costs and revenues then also initially the costs would be higher but later on it adjusts its value. The company gives proper training to its employees to deal with the management and the customers.

Every area is guided by the sign mark so that the customers can avail the facility efficiently. For expansion company is focusing over brand awareness marketing techniques and for that they have tried to manage the company marketing strategies in a new and innovative manner.

Collectively, these efforts will yield a portfolio of stronghold operations that will maximise shareholder value. In telecom industry of Middle East, there are two types of people associated, the first one is are the employees of the company and the second one is the most important and the sole reason for the existence of the company that is the end-customers.

Transform Operating Companies into Strongholds The Etisalat Group will continue to provide strategic and operational support for all operating companies to maintain and improve their market positions by defending their core businesses and enhancing digital capabilities.

The total revenue of the last year is AED The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. The employees work day in and out to provide quality service to the customers.

The recruitments of employees in Etisalat is being done by a very rigorous selection process. It has a great brand value in the Middle East. Revenue growth, digital capability development, customer experience improvement, and efficiency optimisation will serve as anchors for this strategy.

Etisalat has different business centers for different countries. All employees of the office have a proper uniform to show the consistency and effectiveness of the work environment. It is a telecommunications service provider, which has a reach in total 16 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Etisalat charges for the advanced technology used and modern services. While in geographic segmentation people living in cities, people living in urban areas, people working in remote areas all were targeted and different products were offered to them.

As such, the Etisalat Group will focus on enriching and developing a digitally aligned culture, enhancing collaboration both within and between operating companies, implementing effective succession management, facilitating the development and retention of existing talent, and initiating vigorous and efficient measures for the acquisition of new talent to meet the growing needs of the digital world.

The pricing strategy used by this company is premium pricing, which offers quality services at a high price. As of now, the company is providing 5G services; it is little expensive because of the advanced technology. It is one of the only two telecom service providers in U. Added to this is the fact that the telecoms industry itself is undergoing unprecedented transformation, driven by various factors, including evolving technologies, new business models, changing customer behaviours, and the emergence of new over-the-top OTT competitors.

So organizational point of view, expansion is main focus as it is expanding its services all through different countries of the world.

Etisalat Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

MobiNil is a national company, whereas Vodafone is a multinational company. Accelerate Value Generation through Innovation and Digitisation As the rate of industry disruption picks up speed, the Etisalat Group will accelerate and enrich the development of its portfolio of open innovation initiatives essential for competition in the digital world.

In light of this, the Etisalat Group has conceived a new vision supported by a bold corporate strategy to maximise shareholder value in this developing market landscape. The primary channels of distribution of the companies are business centers in this case. It has various customer care centers in every country it operates.

With this new vision, the entire Group will be inspired to adopt a more digitally oriented focus to align the strategic direction of all operating companies, thereby taking full advantage of growth opportunities going forward.

Statement of the Marketing Goal Etisalat Company is basically focusing over expansion strategies these days and thus all its strategies are focused on such strategies.

The company also hired celebrity endorsements as well as cause-related marketing strategies along with CSR activities. The mobile application for all the mobile devices has a sophisticated process for all the services offered by the Etisalat whether it can be bill payments or exploration of new offers.

Let us start the Etisalat Marketing Mix: As it is related to technology so the company required high initial investment and thus initial costs of the company remains very high.

Whilst the Group anticipates that GDP growth will remain solid for the foreseeable future in countries such as the UAE, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan, volatile oil prices, currency devaluation, a slight slow-down in population growth across certain countries, and relative regional political instability present challenges that demand transformed business and operating models.

This digital revolution is enabling consumers to adopt increasingly tech-savvy lifestyles, businesses to change the way they operate and deliver value, and governments to offer ever-smarter solutions on the route towards truly smart governments and cities.Marketing Presentation on Etisalat.

For Later. save. ETISALAT. A study on Organizational Management and organizational analysis. Etisalat_final.

Competition Forces Change of Strategy in Etisalat. Etisalat COP English The first three P·s of the marketing mix have been explained in relation to the Etisalat marketing strategies understood 5/5(1).

Marketing budget of Etisalat is planned and finalized every year when marketing strategies are presented in the board meetings and then approved. Following table shows the budget scheme for the year’s marketing strategy.

Competition Forces Change of Strategy in Etisalat. etisalat. Etisalat_final. Etisalat. Final.

Marketing Plan of Etisalat

Mobinil. Marketing Presentation on Etisalat. Egypt PEST Analysis. etisalat. Mobinil Strategy. AARO. A Tale of Communication Rev.

Principles of Marketing, Arab World Edition,Chapter 3. Etisalat Marketing Plan.5/5(5). The Etisalat Group’s new strategy will target inorganic growth opportunities through majority control of well-positioned operators within target geographies of Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The directors of Etisalat would want to direct the strategy and also to direct major decision making. Samsung’s directors would want to increase their own power and status from business growth.

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The marketing strategy of etisalat
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