The resistance of esther greenwood against the expectations and required social behavior in the bell

The strong struggle between being a successful female or being an obedient housewife has a much influence on her self-identity.

The novel follows her descent into madness and her struggle to escape from it. She knows she needs help, but she also knows that the kind of help she needs is too expensive.

Disappointment and Identity Crisis — the Reasons of Esther’s Insanity in the Bell Jar

However, Esther is not as strong as Jay Cee, she cannot accept the challenge and adapt to the cruel reality; she is only 19 and easy to be influenced by others. Retrieved December 25, Popular Essays.

Retrieved December 25,from????. Both personal difficulties and the problems of being an intelligent, sensitive woman plague Esther and fan the flames of her mental illness. Retrieved December 25,from www. Esther feels for a time that she is expected to maintain her virginity for reasons linked to marriage expectations, but she finds disappointment in her one romantic interest, Buddy Willard, when he unveils his secret.

She is a girl from Boston who is swept up into a fast-paced New York City life and cannot take it. When she goes swimming with her friends, she tries to drown on purpose.

What are some of the social expectations Esther faces in The Bell Jar?

Navigating the field of choices and divergent ways of being that make up the landscape of her life proves to be too much for Esther.

Norris and waits for her to talk, but she never does. The people around her mainly seem to know who they are in the sense that they have a strong personalities and a fixed sense of their own identities and desires.

The whole society is in praise of the women who donates all of her talent and energy to family, children and husband. This is how starkly and urgently she expresses the pressures she feels. Esther is not completely insane. To Plath herself, it is not strange that she chooses to commit suicide.

After counseling and after being given the choice to see or not see people like Buddy and her mother, Esther comes to assert a power over her own sense of identity.

Maybe, her ideal life like Jay Cee is at hand she seems to have achieved her ambition. She supposes that Valerie is normal, only to find out that she has had a lobotomy.

It is a larger social expectation in the mid-century so substantial that it amounts to a crisis for those who might fail to fulfill it or who may choose against it. And even then, Esther wonders if she has any power over her mental state.

Esther imagines herself sitting in the crook of a large fig tree. Esther is growing up in s in US when it is still very conservative. This directly leads her confusion and insanity.- Conflict between Individuality and Conformity in The Bell Jar In Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar, Esther Greenwood seems incapable of healthy relationships with other women.

She is trapped in a patriarchal society with rigid expectations of womanhood.

What are some of the social expectations that Esther Greenwood faces, or believes she faces?

Abstract The Bell Jar presents a thriving period in American history with regards to female gender identity and consumer identity, equally as it implies how the politics of containment during the Eisenhower years lead to an ideology of repression and thus impinged on women’s bodies and health.

The Bell Jar The Bell Jar is the autobiographical book of Sylvia Plath and it follows the real story of the author’s experience of adolescent depression and suicide attempts (Wang, ).

Esther Greenwood is the protagonist and narrator of The Bell Jar. She is a girl from Boston who is swept up into a fast-paced New [ ]. One of the social expectations that Esther faces is that a woman's role is to serve men. This social expectation often confuses how she.

The host of expectations Esther feels, again, can be seen as a single, significant existential expectation to find herself, define herself and. Esther Greenwood Mental Illness Sylvia Plath is the author of The Bell Jar, the way she describes how Esther goes though depression it sounds like, the author herself is suffering from depression.

The resistance of esther greenwood against the expectations and required social behavior in the bell
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