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Candidates will either adapt and apply data analysis methods to real world processes or develop case studies in process optimization and guidance. It is recommended to do the seminar at the Chair of Information Systems 2.

Furthermore, we recommend to have visited at least on lecture of the chair or the seminar. On the strategic use of bundling for reducing consumer guilt Abstract Consumer guilt has been shown to play an important role in the consumption process.

The student who wish to work on this project should have a good analytical background. Developed hypotheses should be based on well-established theories and tested empirically.

We strongly encourage you to contact us at an early stage if you would like to propose a thesis topic. We want to develop technologies that use this data as well as explicit process models to improve process performance and support users involved in the process.

That is, consumers with known relatively weak individual self-control may be more likely to engage in coping efforts than consumers with known relatively strong individual self-control.

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Kindly contact the researcher in charge of the research field you are interested in. Some companies offer the same products for different prices over different channels. The aim of this project is to determine which customer groups value hardware and software in which uni mannheim master thesis template, how the company should promote these components, and how big innovations in hardware and software affect the customers.

If several topic areas are relevant for you, either contact all relevant persons in one email simultaneously using the CC function or write the contact person indicated below. We are interested in implementing and applying methods from decision theory to problems in data analysis and information management.

As a result, luxury brands offer different number of products over different channels. Procedure Taking up the issues of the chairs fields of research, all theses are assigned by the assistants of the chair. It could be a good advantage against the competitors if the product is preannounced properly and could be a disaster the other way.

New product preannouncement prepares the customers to the new product but it cannibalizes the demand for the existing product. Designing Fixed Delivery Areas for the Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem In addition, thesis topics in collaboration with companies are published in the jobs section of the home page.

They could offer coupons or gift cards as well. Regardless of this, the decision about the coaching of a proposed topic lies at the Chair alone.

The scholars working on this stream have mainly focused on the customers. Topic The power of interruption English only Abstract We are facing interruptions in various occasions e. The aim of this project is to figure out how much and what kind of information the company should share about its new product from the start of new product development until its launch.

Stuckenschmidt offers topics from the areas listed in the following. Please send your complete application as a single pdf document to Maryam Nouri Roozbahani.

Available, ongoing and completed Masterthesis Page 1 of 3. The company could give more or less information to the customers. Topic The effect of package size on self-regulation for luxurious products English only Abstract A number of researches have looked into the effect of package size on self-regulation for hedonic products, such as tempting food.

We expect basic programming skills and knowledge in business process management and corresponding modelling languages. Prerequisites and application In order to do your master thesis at the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management you have to fulfill the following prerequisites: However, mobilization of the companies has been poorly studied.

For the other chairs of the DWS group a selection of concrete topics are presented below. Computer tomography using x-ray imagesmagnetic response imaging MRI and ultrasound are widely known examples.

Considering this proposition, this master thesis should provide a comprehensive literature overview of the impact of self-conscious emotions on consumer choice.

We expect solid programming skills in Java and knowledge in information retrieval or text analytics as well as a basic understanding of Semantic Web Technologies. They could advertise one or both of these components while promoting the new products.

There exist many different techniques of capturing medical image material. Should you have general questions, please contact.In the file list below you can find LaTeX templates that can be used for bachelor/master thesis as well as for seminar papers.

The templates support German and English language and should provide a good starting point for any kind of thesis that is to be written at this Chair. Thesis Template Purpose.

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This repo contains templates for bachelor and master thesis for the students of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. Bachelor/Seminar/Master thesis templates. The template for the Bachelor, Seminar, and Master theses can be downloaded using the following links.

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Master's Theses Eligibility to apply for writing a master’s thesis at the Chair of Strategic and International Management: Candidates must have successfully completed a lecture as well as a. Prerequisite. Prerequisite for writing a master thesis at the Chair of Information Systems 2 for both, MMM and Business Informatics, is a seminar in the area IS.

The contact person for general questions related to master theses is Mengmeng Niu, ultimedescente.com (mniu(at)ultimedescente.com).

Topic The Number of Products to Be Sold over Different Sales Channels for Luxury Brands (English only).

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Uni mannheim master thesis template
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