Why i want to join indian army

You will be treated with respect wherever you go, you may feel like you are just serving your country or doing your duty just like others, but people will always think of you has a national hero. Many military organizations also require you to have a high school diploma, and college transcripts if available.

Medical Facilities Why i want to join indian army to a survey done inpeople are spending more money on medications and treatments than ever before. In this pared soldiers are tested to their limits as they have to run non-stop for 5 km with full battle gear that includes weapon, and they have to complete this drill within 28 minutes or they will be considered as fail and will be punished accordingly.

And i want to join Bahrain Army At some places, the temperature will fall below 0, and at some places it can go as high as 35 to 40 degrees, at some places it will be totally wet and at some it will be totally dry.

Job Security Name one private sector job that gives you the job security for the lifetime until you retireno wonder your mind will go blank as there is no such job in private that offers the job security Unless you are an employee of GOOGLE.

A soldier with technical trade has to do physical work at the time of morning PT and afternoon games. Prepare your answer with your own phychology Many feel pride in defending their nation and its values against those who may oppose them.

Indian army always supports and value its sports person, therefore, if you qualify for national or international games then not only you will make name and fortune in the game, but you also get promoted to higher rank in the army.

Facilities In Indian Army Facilities in Indian army are just mind blowing, everything from accommodation to medical facilities your family will enjoy it all and that too free of cost. The answer to this question varies by country. So feel the passion and go for it. After running, a 60 Meters sprint is the next drill, after that a 9 feet ditch and traversing a rope which will be something around 5 meters in both ways i.

Accommodation Facilities What are the basic things that you will look for when searching for a locality to reside? Actually, under the Roman Republic but less so than under the Imperiumservice in the military was a significant chance for social advancement. Things are much better for ex-army personnel, they get to enjoy all the facilities like army canteen, army hospitals, and many other things.

It starts from Jack of everything master of none: Taking your family with you at different parts of the country will be fun, but as soon as your kids start going to school, then you will realize that it is disturbing their studies, and eventually you will end up staying away from them.

Life for technical soldier is easier than soldier GD, as their work deals in technical support and therefore, does not need much of physical efficiency.

In other words, most of the reasons people joined the Roman Army are the same as why they chose to join modern all-volunteer militaries such as the U.

The boy s might have been drafted or might have felt peer presure since everyone else was joining up. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

Why did boys want to join the army in the civil war?

In army, sports is a great factor, if you are good in some sport then the army will definitely help you to grow better in that sport and you can even go for national and international games if you are really talented. It depicts the glorious history of India and also motivate us to live life with glory.

Maybe this will help you to know army better. Others joined out of patriotism and some even joined because their best buddy was doing it. Morning Schedule The day for every army man starts from the dawn time of 5 Am when they gather for the daily PT physical training for at least 45 minutes. Get the most from the experience.

Mind Boggling Reasons Why To Join Indian Army

Join or lose everything. Why should one join the Indian army? So you see if you really feel like studying more while you are working, then Indian army is the best option for you.

5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Join Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

Limited options of promotions: The work of soldier clerk involves mostly paperwork like keeping records etc. So there is no chance of getting out of shape, you will be fit and fine forever if you are in the army.

In short you will have to face extreme climatic conditions, and not everyone can adapt all situation.

Why Do You Want To Join Indian Army

Indian Army Afternoon Schedule Then comes the lunch break and this is quite a long break.I am very passionate about the army. when i was in my pre final year of engineering (mechanical) i had appeared for the UES campus interview but. want to join the army because it provides me a career where i will be an officer and that too serving in the countries best organisation, getting desent salary and a lifestyle.

If you are a Doctor, You can join Indian Army. If you are a Lawyer, You can join Indian Army. If you are a Teacher, You can join Indian Army.

10 Reasons to Join the Army

If you are a Chartered Accountant, You can join Indian Army. So if you are from any of these professions or any other you can join Indian Army and do what you want to do with your life. 5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Join Indian Army, Navy and Air Force Personality Development by SSBCrack ‐ 3 Serving in Indian army, air force or navy is something different, it is a matter of pride and honour.

Some join because the facilities provided in Indian army are good, while some join it because of the salary reasons, and then there are some who join the army because they are passionate about it and want to serve their country through it.

*As my father is an Army person, so whenever I tell him that “Dad I want to join Indian Army” the shine in his eyes motivates me every time and I can't cheat myself and my Dad so this is the right place for me. The Pay and Perks are good. I will never say the 9th point some of you may. * Most important for me is the 6th and the 8th point.

Why i want to join indian army
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