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We realized that we are both very customer-focused companies — we just focus on different ways of making our customers happy. So, here are the facts behind the acquisition and why we think both companies decided to tie the knot: On the surface this acquisition seemed like a good fit for both parties, but the reality of high failure rates of acquisitions signifies there are many things to think about when considering acquiring a company.

Therefore, all of their jobs were as secure as they were pre-acquisition. The Zappos amazon acquisition focus for both sides is to grow the Zappos brand and their effectiveness in their goal to help customers. Post-acquisition, Zappos continued to run their operations the same, doing what they believe is best for their brand, their culture, and their business.

His board approved and signed a definitive agreement, in which all of the existing shareholders and investors of Zappos will be exchanging their Zappos stock for Amazon stock.

They believe they can leverage and collaborate with each other in order to create more company value. Zappos continued to run as an independent entity.

Amazon Acquires Zappos; Zappos Pretends It's Not Really An Acquisition

Organizations often struggle in finding a compelling competitive position. By Ben Parr Over the past decade, Amazon has moved from strictly retail to both selling goods and then executing the orders, for itself and for third parties.

Zappos has a lot of growth potential 2. Amazon supports Zappos in continuing to grow their vision as an independent entity, under the Zappos brand with their unique culture.

Amazon has the capacity Zappos amazon acquisition help them grow at a pace they would not be able to by themselves. Not so with Amazon. Zappos had big plans before the acquisition, and now with Amazon they are still focusing on their goals, but with resources from Amazon they can achieve them much faster.

The external appraisal includes Amazon looking at its competitive position to determine opportunities and risks and where it should focus. Strong technological infrastructure with a single platform, High investments in technology development e.

Some of their agreement works on mutual trust and so far it works for both Amazon and Zappos. There are three simple tools that Amazon focuses on as part of its internal appraisal process. Hsieh also aligned his company with a shareholder and partner that think long term, just like Zappos.

Prior to the acquisition, Zappos had to discuss their independence with Amazon. Amazon is buying Zappos for its people - its leadership and its employees. This implies that management is becoming more efficient.

The key aspects to consider in this acquisition are as follows: Zappos has continued to grow their headquarters out of Las Vegas, attracting the right talent for each of their departments. In order to do so many large companies initiate mergers or acquisitions with smaller or similarly sized companies.

Zappos CEO Distances Shoe Retailer’s Culture From Amazon

A GE Matrix has been used to identify the attractiveness and competitive position of the? Last, inventory levels, relative to its Cost of Goods Sold, are typical for the industry and have shown a consistent decrease during the last 4 years. Financially, Zappos wanted a shareholder and partner that thinks long term and will also do what is best for their existing shareholders.Jul 22,  · The deal is done, and we're still digesting the news: Amazon has acquired Zappos for $ acquisition, confirmed by both sides, places the popular online apparel and footwear company.

In bought a small competitor, online shoe merchant Zappos, for $ billion.

It was an unusual deal in that Amazon (amzn) promised to leave Zappos alone so long as it hit certain. Amazon’s Acquisition of Zappos Acquisition regarding Amazon and Zappos Companies that want to be among the elite competitors in their particular fields have to be able to adapt and evolve in an always changing market place.

Jul 22,  · In the last few years, Zappos has definitely come on strong as an e-commerce brand -- perhaps the first online brand ever to have a real shot at unseating Amazon in terms of serious customer loyalty.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of the quirky online shoe retailer, on how the company has changed since it joined forces with When Amazon acquired Zappos inCEO Tony Hsieh wrote a truly funny.

Zappos CEO Distances Shoe Retailer’s Culture From Amazon Tony Hsieh says Zappos retains an independent culture from its parent in the way it does business Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh tells WSJ's.

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Zappos amazon acquisition
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